Parent Teacher Student Conferences

On Friday, November 17, 2017, Korea Foreign School invites you to school-wide Parent Teacher Student Conferences. The conferences will last approximately 15 minutes with homeroom and other specialist teachers. The time for conferences is 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Students will not have school on Friday, November 17th. Please complete a separate sign-up form for each teacher no later than Monday, November 13, 2017. Please be sure to arrive on time to your child’s conference. Other parents sign up throughout the day, and it is important to respect others’ time slots and teachers’ schedules. If you happen to miss your assigned time, you may reschedule only if your child’s teachers have extra time slots available. Choose the links below for your child’s teacher to register for Parent Teacher Student Conferences. If you have more than one child, be sure to click on each teacher`s sign up link.


Room Floor Name Position Grades Sign Up Link
Grade 1 3rd Hannah Dashiell Homeroom Grade 1 Sign Up
Grade 2 3rd Christine Tkacz Homeroom Grade 2 Sign Up
Grade 3 4th Ashley Nunes Homeroom Grade 3 Sign Up
Grade 4 4th Sierra Smith Homeroom Grade 4 Sign Up
Grade 5 4th Karen Harvey Homeroom Grade 5 Sign Up
Language & Literature 2nd Sarah Morren MYP Lang. & Lit. Grades 6-9 Sign Up
MakerSpace 2nd Michelle Hwang MYP Art & Design Grades 6-9 Sign Up
Math 2nd Rebecca Salonek MYP Mathematics Grades 6-9 Sign Up
Individuals & Societies 2nd Brent Crocker MYP I & S Grades 6-9 Sign Up
Art 2nd Hooin Min PYP Art Grades 1-5 Sign Up
Indoor Gym Basement Denise Syer MYP PE & Health & ELL Grades 6-9 Sign Up
Auditorium 3rd Seyoung An PYP Korean Grades 1-5 Sign Up
Auditorium 3rd Hyejung Jang MYP Korean Grades 6-9 Sign Up
Library 1st Gulden Ordu PYP Library & ELL Grade 1-5 Sign Up
Robotics 4th Mali Diskaya PYP PE & Health Grades 1-5 Sign Up
Science Lab 4th Bella Shin MYP Science Grades 6-9 Sign Up
Faculty Room 2nd Laura Keeney PYP Life Skills Grades 1-5 Sign Up