Special Education Needs

Special Education Needs

At Korea Foreign School we strive to meet the needs of all student learners. Our priority is to ensure that we as educators provide ongoing differentiated instruction that effectively meets the needs of all students. We understand the students learn at different rates and may need a variety of resources, in order to help them achieve academic success. By getting to know our learners, we analyze their learning styles, multiple intelligences, and interests. In the regular classroom atmosphere, teachers effectively plan lessons while keeping all learners in mind. With our small class sizes and personal technological devices, students regularly have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips suitable for their personal learning needs.

Students who need additional learning support will be a part of our Special Education Program. Students who are identified as a learning need will be set up with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). An IEP is a document specific to each individual learner. It is created based on the area(s) of the need for the student and is developed together with the Special Educator Coordinator, Homeroom Teacher, and Specialist Teachers. This team effort ensures the student is reviewed in a variety of subject areas, as well, all teachers are made aware of any changes to the student’s education program.

The IEP is an ongoing learning document geared towards providing the student with the fundamental learning tools needed in order to achieve academic success. The IEP analyzes the learner, identify areas of strength, areas of needs, accommodations, and resources needed to further the child’s learning. Based on the student’s learning needs, he/she may receive additional support from the Special Education Coordinator through in-class support, withdrawal from class support, and/or weekly check-in’s.

The focus of our Special Education Program here at KFS is to provide our learners with the tools they need in order to be successful in and out of school. Whether or not your child is in the Special Education Program, our teachers will regularly provide differentiated instruction and accommodations to assist with the diverse learning needs in the classroom. Your child’s academic progression is our goal! We want to create a positive learning environment that will engage students and help get them excited about their learning!