School Library

Korea Foreign School Library is a welcoming place that serves the whole school community from Grade 1 through Grade 10, parents and staff. The KFS library houses about 8,000 book titles including junior and senior fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, teacher resources, early readers, picture books, and several subscripted magazines and newspapers. We believe that the library should support school`s curriculum. Korea Foreign School has approximately 400-600 books in each classroom.

Our web-based library system, called Follett Destiny Library Manager, offers an easy and very comfortable access to our catalog school and home. The system additionally includes a very useful search engine called Webpath Express, which offers access to thousands of relevant, grade-appropriate, and updated Internet sites for students and teachers. There is a large selection of books for teachers in the library as well. There are many professional development books, for example, The Classroom Management Book and Classroom Assessment for Student Learning. Also in the library are many posters, borders, and other resources for teachers to brighten up their classrooms. There are also extra student workbooks for a variety of subjects. The library is open during the school hours.