Faculty Directory

Faculty Members

Welcome to our faculty directory. Our faculty comes from a wide range of backgrounds and bring varying knowledge, skills, experiences, views, and approaches to the Korea Foreign School.

Alison Veneziano
Vice Principal/MYP Coordinator
Laura Keeney
PYP Coordinator/PYP Life Skills
Ahlo Lee
Marketing Manager
Hannah Dashiell
PYP Grade 1 Homeroom
Christine Tkacz
PYP Grade 2 Homeroom
Ashley Nunes
PYP Grade 3 Homeroom
Sierra Smith
PYP Grade 4 Homeroom
Karen Harvey
PYP Grade 5 Homeroom
Soyoung An
PYP Korean/Accreditation Coor.
Mali Diskaya
PYP Health and Physical Education
Hoo-In Min
Rebecca Salonek
MYP Mathematics
Denise Syer
MYP Physical and Health/SpecEd Coor.
Sarah Morren
MYP English Language & Literature
Michelle Hwang
MYP Art & Design
Hyejung Jang
MYP Korean/MYP ELL Coor.
Bella Shin
MYP Science