Life in Korea

Life is easy and comfortable for foreigners in Korea. Korea has larger department stores such as Shinsegae, Lotte Department Store, and Hyundai Department Store. These stores have luxury items for beauty and clothing such as MAC, Dior, Chanel, etc. For everyday products, housing, and food, E-Mart, Lotte Store, and Costco are located in various areas across Seoul. For beauty products Olive Young, Holika, Watsons, etc., and these stores are easily located.
Clothing can sometimes be an issue since the sizing, cuts, and styles are based upon Asian body types. Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Aldo are moderately priced clothing/ shoe stores available in Korea. To be safe, purchasing dressy casual clothing and shoes to bring to Korea is sometimes best. Cheaper clothes/shoes are available in “free sizes” or limited sizes at various underground stores or markets located in the subway systems. Often, these stores do not allow you to try clothing on prior to purchase.
While living and working in Korea you will discover the welcoming people and culture who live at their own unique pace. Korean culture is based on Confucian ideals. It is an influential factor in the way that Koreans act in everyday life. In regards to dress, women are expected to cover the upper portions of their bodies and dress in moderation.
Health care in Korea is reliable and affordable. Our school copays health insurance with the individual teacher. When you visit any major hospital, clinic, or pharmacist, medication and treatment is discounted based on the National Health Plan. The patient pays the remaining costs of the consultation, procedure, treatment, or required medication.

Korea has four seasons. Winters are cold and will generally last between late December to mid-late February. Seoul itself does not normally experience a lot of snow. Spring in Korea are pleasant with cherry blossoms, cool wind and a moderate amount of rain. Be ware of yellow dust season in Korea. The news will report daily on how much yellow dust is in the air. It can be dangerous by affecting the health of some individuals. It generally lasts from the beginning of Spring until the monsoon season. Summers are much longer and hot. It does have monsoon season which generally occur from July to September. Also, in September is typhoon season. Typhoons are hurricanes that occur in the Pacific Ocean. If a typhoon hits Seoul, it is normally characterized by moderate to strong winds and rain. Very little damage generally occurs. Fall/ autumn in Korea is pleasant with cooler weather and the change of foliage. Entertainment for people of all ages is abundant in Korea. Museums, cultural fairs, seasonal events, historical sites, and theme parks including, Everland and Lotte World, are open to foreigners and easily accessed by the website,