Donate Now

Donate Now

This is an annual sum of money that is donated to the school by constituents (parents, faculty, trustees, alumni, and friends) Annual fund donation is used to support operational expenses at school. These donations are usually gifs that individuals give to the school year after year, and are used to supplement the “gap” that most schools experience.

This is a specific period of time for a targeted fundraising effort It can last months or years. These funds are typically earmarked for specific projects, like constructing a new building on campus, renovating existing campus facilities, or to significantly increase a financial aid budget to allow more families to attend the school.

This is an investment fund that schools establish in order to have the ability to regularly draw upon the invested capital. This money is often used to help schools accomplish specific projects that can’t be met by annual fund or general operating budget money.

This is a gift of an actual good or service, rather than gifting the school the money to purchase goods or service.

This is a fund that expands educational opportunity by providing scholarships to families in need so children can attend a school. There are all different reasons for setting up scholarship fund, but the main aim of giving scholarships and grants is to help individuals who need money to study further.