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The 21st-century learning demands new pedagogical and technological approaches to using ICT for learning. It is the responsibility of all KFS staff to prepare students for the demands of an ever-changing world, through facilitating learning in a technology-rich environment, where students and teachers don’t just learn about technology, they use it to achieve powerful teaching and learning by improving student learning expectations.

Technology at KFS meets our environmental (paperless education), social justice (access for all), and academic (students will be able to progress at higher order levels through the curriculum) goals.

Each student will be given iPad in Grades 2-4 and MacBook in Grades 5-8 by the school before school begins and will utilize online instructional modules to become more proficient at keyboarding and familiar with the devices and applications.

We will focus on student-centered needs that enable them to employ technological resources to enhance and advance their educational experience at Korea Foreign. The goal of the educational technology program is to promote the ethical and responsible use and strengthen the teacher-student relationship by building higher-order thinking skills, as well as technology literacy skills, to maximize the uses of technology for authentic purposes.
Educational Technology shall enhance achievement and will be incorporated in all disciplines. Technology use will help teachers implement a universal design for learning which aims to provide equal opportunities to learn. UDL focuses on the “what”, “how” and “why”  of learning. Technology will allow teachers to “present information and content in different ways” (what), “differentiate the ways that students can express what they know” (how), and “stimulate interest and motivation for learning” (why). This creates an active, engaged learning atmosphere in the classroom.

Students at KFS receive their Google accounts and are introduced to Google Drive, Google Classroom, and other Google services. Along with Google Drive, students improve their tech skills by learning how to create animations, presentations, podcasts and narrations that show what they have learned and researched. They also use many browser based learning environments to experiment and develop projects for their Units of Inquiry. Students are able to undertake deep research on the web using big data and are able to sift through that data to design and present very in depth projects. They learn how to design websites, student portfolios and learn basic programming. They learn how to manage their time on and offline while using technology.

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