Field Trips

Field Trips

Field trips expand children learning through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community. Field trips increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study.

The learning that we do beyond the four walls of the classroom not only impacts our students, allowing them to make meaningful connections and realizations but also has an impact on the location and people that we visit. Our aim is to help Korea Foreign School students to uniquely capture learning.

Students can learn new things as well as have a great time with their friends and fellow students. School field trips are also one of the fun school activities by which you can get to know new people and make new friends. A school field trip, it not only helps students socially but also educationally. Students go to places which they are studying about in their academic year so that they get some practical knowledge as well.

At KFS, students have many opportunities to go on one-day field trips. These trips are always connected to the curriculum, whether it be the arts, social studies, or science and the environment. Both PYP and MYP students go on an average of seven field trips a year. Some of the destinations, depending on the grade, are:

  • Art Museums – Students may attend a gallery exhibit in a museum around Seoul that relates to the topic or content being explored within classes.
  • Artist Studio – Students may visit an artist studio for a specialized lesson in a craft.
  • Yangjae Citizens Forest – Students may visit the nearby park for drawing exercises, outdoor experiential education, or physical education and health experience.
  • Hackerspace/Makerspace – Students could visit a space where professional programmers and builders are making new things every day.
  • Ihwa Mural Village – Students will enjoy a walk through Seoul’s famous mural village to explore how art and architecture meld to find colorful surprises around every corner, and inquire into the community effects of public artworks.
  • Experiential Ed. Outings – Every Friday, PYP and MYP students join together with teachers to engage in service learning and venture into our school’s community for relevant, meaningful experiences.
  • Dogok Community Centre Library– Students may visit community library to experience how to check in/out books in Korea.  
  • Korean Traditional Market – Students could visit and see the system of the traditional market in Korea.
  • Everland Amusement Park – Students might visit this exciting amusement park to explore speed, observe movement and have fun.
  • Global Folk Village – Students could visit the folk village in Yongin to learn about life during our host country’s past.
  • Gwacheon National Science Museum –  Student may venture to explore different aspects of science, learning about the past, present, and future technologies and methods.
  • Kyobo Bookstore – Students will visit to explore one of the largest bookstores in Seoul, learning about how different sections are organized by language and subject.
  • N Seoul Tower – Students might visit this popular Korean site to take measurements and create a mathematics project about scaling.
  • Seoul Zoo in Gwacheon – Student could visit the zoo to understand more about animal life and species.
  • Sledding – Students may participate in a recreational trip to experience the winter weather and activities like tubing and sledding.
Field Trip | Korea Foreign School | International Baccalaureate | PYP | MYP
Field Trip | Korea Foreign School | International Baccalaureate | PYP | MYP