College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness

In the Middle Years Programme (MYP) at KFS, all students participate in the College and Career Readiness course, or CCR. All teachers in the MYP work to foster growth in all students and help them to imagine their futures. For that reason, CCR focuses on career exploration and college preparations by helping students to:

  • Connect their own interests to careers that exist in the world, both now and potentially in the future
  • Discover their strengths, set goals to improve areas of growth, and reflect on progress with meeting those goals
  • Gain confidence in themselves and their plans
    Assume leadership roles
  • Explore different careers and hear about them first-hand from guest speakers who work in those fields
  • Gain college awareness by exploring majors and learning about admissions requirements
  • Practice the 21st century skills and attitudes that will help them to be successful in life
  • Get excited about postsecondary education and lifelong learning by practicing:
    • Organizational strategies
    • Problem solving and decision making
    • Communication
    • Creative and critical thinking
    • Evaluation and argument
    • Professional etiquette

The course meets once per week and helps to counsel students throughout the entire school year and all year levels of the MYP. Its foundation is based around ASCA’s Mindsets and Behavior for Student Success that focus on:

  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal/Social Development

It is individualized, catering to students’ needs and also complements the Approaches to Learning Skills (ATL’S) that are explicitly taught in the units of inquiry of the MYP’s eight subject groups.

MYP ATL Skills CategoriesMYP ATL Skill Clusters
CommunicationI. Communication
SocialII. Collaboration
Self-ManagementIII. Organization
IV. Affective
V. Reflection
ResearchVI. Information Literacy
VII. Media Literacy
ThinkingVIII. Critical Thinking
IX. Creative Thinking
X. Transfer

The ultimate goal of KFS’ CCR course in the MYP is to provide students with a set of social skills, learning strategies, mindsets and behaviors that will carry them confidently out our doors and successfully through life when they move into the next chapter of their lives.