Student Life

Korea Foreign School is not only an academically rigorous school, but also a school dedicated to giving students a well-rounded education which meets their physical, social and emotional needs. We provide students with a wide range of

  • after school activities,
  • sports programs,
  • drama, music and art opportunities,
  • field trips,
  • grade level activities and
  • events in which the whole family (students, parents and siblings) to grow in skills outside of the four walls of the classroom.

One of the things students love the most about KFS is the amazing technology that they utilize in the classroom. Every student in grades 2-10 uses an iPad or MacBook to use for their education. Of course, nutrition is an extremely important part of these formative years, so Korea Foreign School is committed to providing students with a healthy lunch as well as nutritious snacks. In addition, students are active leaders of a variety of community outreach projects. The atmosphere and opportunities students are given to grow is innumerable.