Explanation Of Fees


Application Fee
This fee is paid upon admission. This mandatory fee will be paid at the time of application for admission and re-admission. Admission fee must be paid when the application is submitted. This fee assists in covering costs associated with the application process and testing.
Registration Fee
The Registration Fee is a one-time, mandatory and non-refundable fee, and is due once a place at the school has been offered.
Capital Development Fee
Capital Development Fee is applicable to each student of families new to KFS. Capital Development Fee is mandatory and non-refundable fee charged to for all new students upon starting Grade 1 or above for facilities development (such as the improvement of resources, upgrading of technology, etc.). The returning student capital development fee is also non-refundable yearly fee required of all returning students.
ELL (English Language Learners) Fee
ELL fee is charged to students participating in KFS ELL program of special additional English instruction for non-native English speakers who need special assistance in learning the language skills needed to perform successfully in the regular KFS classroom environment. This fee is applicable to all grade levels. KFS provides ELL intensive classes as well.
Educational Technology Fee
This fee assists in development of technology to support, sustain and maintain the technology initiatives for student learning for Grades 2 and above.
Bus Fee
School bus service is available to all students. Using the school bus is OPTIONAL. The fee for this service is based on the distance from the residence to the school. Applications for bus services are available at the Admissions Office.