PYP (Grade 1-5)

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a curriculum framework designed for students aged 3 to 12. It focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside. It is defined by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance, explored using knowledge and skills derived from six subject areas, with a powerful emphasis on inquiry-based learning.

The aim of the PYP is to create a transdisciplinary curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for learners in the 3-12 age range. The PYP is flexible enough to accommodate the demands of most national or local curriculums. It also provides the best preparation for students to engage in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The PYP:

  • addresses students’ academic, social and emotional well-being
  • encourages students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their own learning
  • supports students’ efforts to gain an understanding of the world and to function comfortably within it
  • helps students establish personal values as a foundation upon which international-mindedness will develop and flourish.

The PYP is organized according to:

The PYP curriculum framework is based on five essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and action. Together these elements encapsulate the traits of the IB Learner Profile and are implemented through an inquiry-based, concept-driven pedagogy. The PYP strives to develop an internationally minded person. KFS teaches skills and lessons that are transdisciplinary in nature and add rigor and balance to the learning experiences in the primary school. 

Significant, relevant content we wish the students to explore and know about, taking into consideration their prior experience and understanding.

Powerful ideas that have relevance within the subject areas, but also transcend them, and that students must explore and re-explore in order to develop a coherent, in-depth understanding.

Those capabilities students need to demonstrate to succeed in a changing and challenging world, which may be disciplinary or transdisciplinary in nature.

Dispositions that are expressions of fundamental values, beliefs, and feelings about learning, the environment, and people. IB Attitudes

Demonstrations of deeper learning in responsible behavior and through responsible action; a manifestation, in practice, of the other essential elements.

A unique feature is the transdisciplinary nature of our program. Wherever possible, knowledge and skills associated with social studies, science, literacy, math, and fine arts are integrated into our Programme of Inquiry (POI). The POI represents 36 Units of Inquiry (six per grade) taught each year. The POI is reviewed annually to ensure alignment with the standards KFS uses, along with consistency across, and within, the grades. KFS instruction in specific Literacy and Math skills also play a part in our balanced programming, ensuring students are set up for success by providing solid foundational skills.

Our Language Acquisition program features Korean exclusively in the PYP. Korean, along with Physical Education and Art, are taught by specialists and are a regular part a student’s timetable throughout the week.

If you would like to learn more about our programming, feel free to contact our PYP Coordinator, Laura Keeney.

For more information about the PYP, visit the website at www.ibo.org.