Mission, Vision, Philosophy


Korea Foreign School enables students to achieve academic excellence while being encouraged to be global leaders who promote global peace through equity, innovation, diversity, integrity, community, care for the environment and self-respect.


Korea Foreign School is based on the belief that young people from many countries who are studying together in a supportive environment will be leaders in world peace. They will rise to prominent positions where they will be committed to serving the global community to improve the well-being of its people with their knowledge of the environment, diversity, and wise decision-making. They will be confident, strong, enterprising and entrepreneurial.


Korea Foreign School is acutely aware that we now live in a Global society and this school has been founded in order to cater to students of all backgrounds, races, and religions. In this way children learn to belong to the family of the world, to love and respect each other’s differences and celebrate them. The school is non-profit making and our aim is to make an international education available to as many students as possible. Every child will have her/his ethnicity, race, religion and cultural beliefs recognized by the school whether it is in the classroom, at assembly or on the sports field. The wide-ranging curricular and extra-curricular activities mean they have the opportunity to follow their desired path to appropriate secondary institutions. The purpose of the school is to help students aim high in all aspects of learning while retaining their curiosity and creativity. They will learn to have empathy with others and reflect on their own values and the values of others. This will enable them to lead in businesses or universities worldwide while retaining their curiosity and creativity. This will enable them to lead and succeed in the career of their choice.