Vice Principal`s Message

Alison Veneziano | Vice Principal & MYP Coordinator

Alison Veneziano Vice Principal & MYP Coordinator


Dear KFS Students, Families, and Guests,

Greetings and welcome to Korea Foreign School (KFS)!

KFS is indeed a special place  a place in which students and teachers from all over the globe unite, share a bit of themselves, and, in turn, learn a great deal from one another. At KFS, our faculty members are dedicated to helping students understand the true meaning of internationalism. If you walk down our hallways or visit our classrooms, it is quite apparent that there is a strong sense of mutual respect and loyalty amongst both faculty and students.

Because we are a learning community, KFS teachers deeply understand that teaching and learning are at the heart of all we do.  Using research-based teaching methods, our faculty works hard to model the lifelong learning that we wish for our students. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Here at KFS, in both the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP), we are dedicated to preparing our students for just that.  We are happy to be a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate’s (IB’s) PYP and MYP.

Specifically, the PYP at KFS helps students to be inquirers who are excited about learning, growing, and reflecting.  We support students so that they can hone life skills and learn how to become responsible global citizens of the world.  The IB Learner Profile is at the heart of all we do and instills good values and character in our students.  Our lessons and classroom engagement ensure that students are gaining the skills, attributes, and behaviors for twenty-first century learning and living. With our curriculum and additional programmes, like the reader’s and writer’s workshop model and our Life Skills class, our PYP students’ creativity flourishes. Their curiosity flourishes.  And thus, their independence flourishes.

Additionally, the MYP at KFS provides students with a set of social skills, learning strategies, mindsets and behaviors so that, upon completion of our school, they leave as wise decision-makers, with the confidence and integrity needed to guide them.  Our curriculum and additional programmes, like our College and Career Readiness as well as Outdoor Experience, Service and Action courses, prepare students to discover who they are, what they are talented at and passionate about, and how to apply all of those wonderful things to real world experiences.

Middle school is a time of great change in a young person’s life.  It is full of excitement, but it can also be full of challenges   an increased workload, social adjustment, course changes.    We teachers want students to be successful in their transition and time in middle school at KFS, and we have a clear vision for our students:  By giving our students not only the opportunities to grow and challenge themselves both academically and socially, but also the support and encouragement they need to do so, we see our students as prominent world leaders. We wish to instill vital leadership traits of empathy, innovation, and perseverance so that they may become well-rounded, honest activists who reach out to serve the global community.

We here at KFS truly believe that students learn best when working on ideas relevant and engaging to them. The standards-based curriculum and assessment used at KFS challenge our students to develop their analytical skills and communicate their learning verbally, in writing, and in presentations.  Our small class sizes are ideal for hands-on, experiential learning and allow for the utmost classroom engagement.   The technology available at KFS allows our curriculum and school programs to support students at all levels, with all interests.  Each classroom is equipped with the SMARTBoard 800 series interactive whiteboard, enabling students to be technologically savvy learners who use real time collaboration and increase their twenty-first century learning experiences.

All KFS students, grades 1-9, stay up-to-date on cutting edge technology in our world, using their own devices to help them make meaning for themselves.  Each student is also given a school GMail account, which includes Google Classroom access, to ensure that they collaborate amongst their peer groups and across grade levels as well as stay connected to the global community via current events, debates, and competitions.  Because our values drive all we do, KFS curriculum reaches beyond the four walls of the classroom.  We, thus, place great importance on out-of-classroom learning as well, such as After School Activities, experiential field trips, and community visits.  

At KFS, students matter most; for that reason, guidance and support are key aspects of our work.  Our school community puts many matters into our students’ hands.  Student Council works in a democratic manner, surveying the needs of our entire student body and then seeking out the best means of improvement.  Students know that their voice matters and that we, together as a student and teacher team, work towards our goals.

As KFS’ vice principal, it is my sincere conviction that an outstanding education experience is the greatest gift that we can give our students. All students are special, and we are committed to providing them with a deeply caring and secure learning environment, like one, big family. As a collaborative team, KFS teachers are both responsible and responsive, and we hope to raise the bar and help them gain the necessary skills to be leaders around the globe in the near future.  As I enter into my fifth year at KFS and ninth year in the education field, I wish to help students be active participants in their learning at school and hold high expectations for all students in regards to academics as well as responsible citizenship at school and in our host country, South Korea.  

I encourage all students to connect deeply with KFS.  Stand up for what you believe is right, and remind yourself that you do not have to follow the crowd. Be yourself and, even when nobody is watching, do the right thing.  I also encourage all parents to please help us by reinforcing school expectations at home. Together, we can do great things and make great progress!

Overall, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with teachers, students, and parents to provide a productive and safe learning environment that supports student success.  Once again, welcome to Korea Foreign School! I am honored to be serving as KFS’ vice principal and MYP coordinator.

All my best,

Alison Veneziano

Vice Principal & MYP Coordinator